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"Frame-Off" Restoration

Client Project

This car was purchased years ago as a parts car for Midlife Classics' owner's existing Opel GT. But, when it arrived, it was clear that it was in too good of condition to be parted out, so it was reserved as a future project.

After repeated email requests to purchase the existing daily-driver Opel GT, one GT hunter opted to purchase this project car and have Midlife Classics perform the restoration. This project was started at the end of June 2008 and is projected to be completed in time for the new owner to drive it home for Thanksgiving 2010.


The project began with this shell of a car with pretty much all of the interior stripped out and useless. While the body looked to be very solid, it looked like the only items that would be salvagable out of the interior were the seat frames.

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The first steps with any restoration are disassembly and stripping. You never really know what you're starting with until everything comes apart and the paint comes off.

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Following the complete disassembly and stripping done in Phase I, the reconditioning of the body and major components begins. The grandson of the original owner claimed that Grandpa had never crashed the car, so it naturally seemed a great restoration candidate. Well, Grandpa apparently never told his grandson that he had (apparently) rear-ended something with a high bumper. The bodywork we discovered under the paint on the nose of the car added several hours to the project. While rust was not much of a problem with this particular car (except for the typical rot under the battery tray), most Opel GTs suffer from chronic body cancer. To prevent this from ever becoming a problem, the entire underbody was coated with POR-15's "Chassis Coat". We feel it's the best stuff out there, and when the full process is followed (degreased and prepped using POR-15's "Marine Clean" and "Metal Prep"), the result is a very tough and durable satin-black finish that will stand up to just about anything.

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With the body and chassis painted in its original yellow, reassembly begins. As usual, all rubber weatherstripping and gaskets are replaced with new. All the parts that go back on the car are first cleaned, media blasted (where practical) and refinished to look like new. Any items that are deemed to be worn beyond servicable limits are replaced with new or remanufactured parts. Where necessary, parts that are unavailable new are sourced via the used parts market (eBay, Craig's list, etc.).

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With assembly mostly complete, this GT was ready for its first test drive.

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