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Frame-Off Restoration

This 1970 Opel GT has been in the same owner's hands since it was purchased new in Southern California. It spent most of its life in California, then did time in New Mexico before finally winding up in Dallas. Like so many classics, it has sat mostly idle over the past several years.

After finding us via a Google search for "1970 Opel GT", the owner was surprised to find that a shop with Opel experience was right in his back yard. After some discussion about performing a "Return To Service" on it to make it roadworthy and some nudging from his spouse, it was decided that a full restoration is in order so that this little GT can be returned to its former glory and be enjoyed to its fullest.


Unlike most of the Opel GTs out there, this one should be pretty-much rust free. The only known damage to the body is in the left rear quarter panel (which happend - and was repaired - just after it was purchased new) and to the nose belly pan. It's had two repsprays over the original blue paint job. Overall the body looks very straight. Aside from a few small items that are missing, the trim looks to be in very good shape. Some of the lenses and plastic lens surrounds are showing their age, but most of the chrome should come through without needing much more than some good polishing.

The odometer shows 47,391 miles (147,391 actual), but the engine was rebuilt at 135,000 miles - along with a new clutch. So, the powertrain should be in decent shape even though it is apparently running on only 3 cylinders at the moment (likely just a bad ignition wire or fouled plug). We have yet to have a look underneath, but as with any full restoration, we will be rebuilding the suspension and replacing all the rubber (hydraulics, seals, hoses, etc.). At the moment, it's got a problem with the right rear brake locking up, but the brakes will be completly rebuilt.

The interior is in rough shape, but it appears to be complete. It looks like all the soft goods (seat covers, headliner, door panels, carpet, etc.) will require replacement. Unfortunately, reproduction upholstery is not available in the original white, so we'll have to resort to black unless we can budget a custom interior (unlikely). Of course, the dash is badly cracked - as is nearly every Opel GT dash on the planet that hasn't yet been redone.

Fortunately, this GT owner was very smart and made a point of starting the engine on a regular basis and keeping the fuel fresh. In fact, up until recently (when the brakes failed), he was driving it around the block on occasion just to ensure it got some exercise. This kind of "preventative maintenance" will go a long way in reducing the amount of time and money that will have to be invested in the mechanicals.

This project is on our backlog list of pending restorations and we're hoping to begin working on it this coming fall (2012). Check back for updates.

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