1986 TVR
280i Series 2

From the owner's personal collection

Bob purchased this 1986 TVR 280i within 24 hours of purchasing a '77 TVR 2500M. Both cars were purchased via eBay. This car previously resided in Baltimore. Bob decided an early-summer cross-country roadtrip in a drop-top sports car to his home in Los Angeles would make for a nice "vacation", so he flew out to Baltimore and drove it home.

Little did he know that despite the car being labled as requiring unleaded fuel, the heads - as originally equipped - do not have hardened valve seats. So, when he picked it up and noticed it ran "a bit rough", the broker assured him that it was just "old fuel" and that a can of fuel injection system cleaner through it on the roadtrip would clear it out. Well, it got progressively worse as the trip wore on. Eventually, he stopped at a shop in Denver and was told that the entire left bank on the V6 has ZERO compression!. Fortunately, a quick valve adjustment fixed that problem and Bob was able to climb up the Rockies out of Denver at a comfortable 85 mph.

Since its acquisition, this "wedge" has served as an occasional daily driver and all-around fun sports car. Handling is very similar to a Mercedes SL, but notably lighter in feel.

We just happen to have two more "Wedge" TVRs. One is an '85 280i S1, and the other is an '85 280i S1.5. Both are pending projects that could be purchased for restoration to your specifications.